[HONG KONG] - Cafe Deco: Dinner with panoramic skyline view

After it's recent move from the Peak to Tsim Sha Tsui, Cafe Deco Group continues to present romantic delights to Hong Kongers. Relocated to the 20th floor at The One, enjoying a striking view of the Victoria Harbour and the skyline is no longer a privilege.

Cafe Deco offers an array of seafood and grill dishes with international themes including Western and Indian. 

The drink list is exciting as well, you can choose from wine, cocktails, mocktails and special drinks with a hint of summer fruits. 

We have here tonight a bottle of Viña Maipo Vitral Reserva Syrah. It has aromas of plums and blackberries and a full texture. I like it for its soft tannins in particular, and overall it's well balanced as all parts work in a beautiful harmony. 

For starter, here's the Grilled Asparagus with Black Truffle and Smoked Maldon Salt ($168). It's an innovative idea of salad as you can barely have something like this elsewhere. The asparagus is so fresh and delicious. The combination of black truffle and chopped egg white and yolk works magically in taste and aroma. But the most enchanting component is the butter roasted ciabatta crumbles, I'm totally in love with this little crispy surprise! 

Before we move on to the main courses, here's go this lovely tapas platter ($276). From foie gras, black truffle salami to fried seafood 
empanada, the portion is satisfying yet still leave your stomach room for the main courses. 

Inside the lovely Holland Royal Pot is the Fresh Live Blue Mussels ($188/1lb). The mussels are SO GOOD! The mussels' size are reasonable and even, and it is absolutely mouthwatering for its freshness and natural sweetness. The sauce is well seasoned and it pairs well with the mussels and the crusty bread. The frites are also great. 

For the main courses, we have ordered the USUD Prime Beef New York Strip ($386/12oz). Look at this beauty! The beef is a perfect medium rare, so rosy and juicy, and the crust is delicious. The mushroom sauce enhances the aroma and flavour of the meat. Simply irresistible! 

For another dish we go for the Indian style - Tandoori Lam Shoulder Chops ($236). The lamb is unbelievably amazing, it has a really tender texture! With a heavy use of mixed herbs, it is very rich in flavour. The naan bread is authentic as well. 

A sweet end for the heartwarming dinner. This is one of the best Creme Brûlée I've ever had. 

This restaurant is a perfect place for couples and family regarding the romantic and relaxing ambiance. Definitely will come back again! 

Cafe Deco
20/F The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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