[HONG KONG] - Let the dough "RISE"

RISE is a professional French bakery school in Quarry Bay. As an amateur, I am very honoured to be invited to apprentice with a Paris boulanger and learns the secret of authentic French artisan bread.

Each participant is given a file of recipes and the ingredients needed. As for today's class, we are going to make Olives Walnut Bread and Milk Loaf. The class lasts four hours approximately and the course fee is HKD$1080.

The instructor today, Chef Stephane Reinat, is a world-class Boulangerie chef. He is famous for his innovative French-style bread making technique, as well as high-quality teaching in prestigious culinary schools. Before we start anything, he briefly introduce the basic knowledge of flours and demonstrate some baking techniques. The whole class is in French, but there is a Chinese translator so you don't have to worry about not getting a thing of what he is saying.

Talking about flours, let's talk about the classifications. The smaller number of flour type represents the finer and softer flour. For instance, type 55 is the standard, hard-wheat white flour; while type 150 is a whole-wheat flour with high bran leftover. This time, we will be using Type 65 and 55 flours respectively.

It's now my turn to try it out! It is so much fun especially when it is a rare chance to work with a professional in such a large kitchen. Following the steps carefully and attentively is crucial in making great breads as one small mistake can ruin everything.

My Milk Loaves are ready to get in the oven.. woohoo!

While waiting with patience, we can smell the aroma flowing out from the oven. Watching the doughs rising is extremely soothing and anticipating.

A final touch would be adding in some hazelnuts and icing sugar. 

Aren 't they look beautiful? I am so delighted and contented to see the amazing results. I could't help to try them as soon as possible. They are like heaven in my mouth!

It has been a dreamy and practical experience. I definitely know more about bread-making. If you share a passion of bakery, don't miss out the chance to RISE!

Unit 304, Westlands Centre, 20 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay


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