[HONG KONG] - Grand Cafe: Discover the Legendary Lobster Dishes from Around the World

In August, Grand Café’s dinner buffet is twisted with a new theme with savoury and sweet lobster dishes originating in the Americas, Europe as well as Asia. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong consistently sources sustainable seafood, and it eventually comes to lobsters.

This month, Chef de Cuisine of Grand Café Marc Briol will take diners on a lobster journey to savour renowned lobster dishes from around the world, including America, the UK and Southeast Asia, all freshly prepared with sustainable lobsters from the east tip of Canada. 

It's nice to start with the excellent lobster cold plate to freshen up the tastebud a little bit. The lobster is so meaty and with the natural ocean fresh taste.

I particularly love the homemade smoked salmon, it is just so tender and rich in flavour! Along with some appetite-stimulating cold cuts, we can now move on to the main courses!

To provide an exceptional dining experience, diners are expected to see how dishes are prepared by the chefs in front of the live kitchen. It's enjoyable to watch, smell and listen to the pots and pans.

To call it a "lobster feast", there is the classic American-style lobster cocktail with lettuce and endive. It offers a sweet and creamy flavour that refreshes the palate. The Lobster pot pie with pan-seared French foie gras, a traditional British dish, is outstanding. Under the crispy pastry crust of the hot pie is a trove of soft and creamy lobster meat, definitely going to melt your heart. On the other side, the Foie Gras is perfectly seared and goes flawless with the caramelised pears.  

Moving on to the Asian side, the Coconut Green Curry Lobster with Thai basil is definitely a must-try. Using homemade green curry sauce with Thai basil on half-shell lobsters, the dish is so flavourful and appealing. The roasted beef is also mouthwatering and tender. 

Opposite the grill is the display storage of the beef, very impressive!

Besides, don't miss out the fresh and sweet lobster claw sushi and various kinds of sashimi at the sushi bar. I am especially enchanted by the natural sweetness of the scallops!

The dessert section is full of surprises. Check out the ice cream section where you can find the Berliner sandwich with lobster ice cream, though I was too full and go for an ice cream bowl instead. The homemade lobster ice cream is intensely flavoured with lobster bisque, and it tastes so great! Other desserts such as the Green Tea Napoleon and Molten chocolate cake are also my personal favourites.

Yet, you might also want to try the French Crepe with your selection of fruits, freshly made upon ordering. 

Overall, the variety and taste of dishes as well as the service are outstanding. If you are a great seafood lover, you surely don't want to miss this! ;-)


Grand Cafe
Address: Lobby Level, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
Serving period: 4 August 2017 until 5 October 2017
Price: $658/person from Monday–Thursday & $698/person from Friday–Sunday with 10% service charge


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