[SANYA] - Sanya Marriott Hotel Dadonghai Bay: Perfect staycation near the beautiful shore

Sanya Marriott Hotel Dadonghai Bay is embraced by lush green tropical mountains and facing the magnificent Dadonghai. Once I stepped inside the hotel I was warmly welcomed by the lobby staff, leaving me a great impression.


I was staying at the Premiere King Ocean View Guest Room this time. From the balcony you can sit back and feel free to enjoy the stunning mountain and ocean views and a spectacular sunrise in the morning. The nationally protected natural coral reef region could also be seen from my room, it is after all not too far if you would like to grip the chance to try scuba diving.

I really love the view! Extremely SPECTACULAR scenery! It's impossible to get bored with the ocean. 

 For me, beds are really important as it affects your sleeping quality and mood during your journey. 
The beds were tidy and very comfortable.

The bathroom could be an open one in which you can enjoy a hot bath with a lovely sea view.

Another delight is that Thann products were found here. This is one of my personal favourite beauty brand!  


The Quan Spa, inspired by the concept of “water” as the source of life, offers a diverse series of high-quality body, and facial treatments. Besidse, there were temporary discounts from time to time and the price was reasonable.

The Aroma Fusion Massage integrates natural essential oils, I've picked Rose by the way, with acupressure techniques so as to relieve the muscle stress and pain. The therapists were kind and polite, the one-hour treatment left me with smooth skin and relaxed body.



One of the most prominent feature of Marriott Sanya Dadonghai Bay is the longest infinity pool in Sanya. Right next to the pool is a sand area for children to play around.

Inside the pool there were also some 
jacuzzi sessions where you can chill out a bit. There are also pool benches and beds for you to lay down and soak up the sun! 

Walk up a little further there was another sand area where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Dadonghai.

Look at this charming blue - who can not fall in love with the ocean? Dadonghai just looks so calming and stunning, no wonder it is one of the most renowned bays in Sanya. It is also where Sanya's beach culture was originated at!

Goji Kitchen & Bar

 Time for dinner after a long relaxing day! The good news is hotel guests could enjoy discount for the dinner buffet at Goji!

The dinner buffet serves an array of delicious food of Malaysian and Chinese style which is quite special.

The quality and diversity of both the hot and cold plates were pretty impressive. Seafood was fresh and the meats were roasted from time to time to ensure the temperature and taste. 

Other than normal juice or tea, there were also Malaysian beverages which were quite special, such as Malaysian iced coffee, ginger milk and rose milk. 

The desserts were delicate and diverse. Puddings, cakes, egg tarts, chocolate fondue, ice cream ... your sweet tooth would be totally satisfied.

Man Ho

OH MY GOD! $158 RMB free flow of delicate Chinese dim sum? Sounds like the perfect lunch for me!

The soup and food were just so delicious and the portion was per person based so you got to try out as many types of dim sums as possible! This price was unbeatable as you may also order fried rice and noodles as well, which was a really large portion for sharing.

As always, it's impossible to end a meal without a sweet note. The desserts were absolutely outstanding. Mango Sago Pomelo, Mango pudding and Osmanthus cake with coconut were very refreshing especially with hot weather like this. I'd highly recommend everyone to enjoy this traditional Chinese meal here!

Definitely a must-stay hotel in Sanya! Sanya Marriott Hotel Dadonghai Bay has basically everything to make you happy! Outstanding facilities, food and service together with a room with the perfect view of Dadonghai, I simply have nothing to complain about. The stay was too perfect to be true!

Hotel information:

Website: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/syxdb-sanya-marriott-hotel-dadonghai-bay/
No 88 Haiyun Road, Dadonghai Bay, Sanya, Hainan 572000 China


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