[HONG KONG] - Cull 'N Pistol: Calling for seafood lovers in town!

Who's on a seafood diet as well? This weekend, why not spend an evening at the waterfront with some great seafood and a refreshing ambience. 

This rustic, chill and enticing restaurant is situated in Soho East on the shores of Sai Wan Ho. As a fun fact, Cull ‘N Pistol is actually named after lobsters that have one or both claws missing. Inheriting New England’s storied seafood traditions, Cull 'N Pistol aims to bring an East Coast American twist to the food creations.The menu features timeless ocean sweet classics that are cooked with a home-style flair that allow for communal enjoyment of unpretentious and comforting food, diners will be spoiled for choices with the assorted combinations.

There is an extensive selection of hearty items from the menu. Appetizers include fresh seasonal seafood - oysters, Irish Whelks, Cherry Stone Clams, Jumbo Whole Prawns and North Atlantic Lobster. The seafood taste excellent in either cold or hot way.

Oysters for the night are all from France, including Magnifica, Fine de Claire and L' Fine. Magnifica has a strong taste of the sea, while Fine de Claire has a sweeter and fruitier flavor. All are the most seasonal species of the month.

Mussels & Clams Pot in white wine, cream and garlic sauce was fascinating. The seafood has absorbed all that liquid goodness yet still preserves the natural sweetness. The mussels and clams definitely doubled the pleasure, no wonder why this is one of the most popular dishes here.

Fancy some crabs but tired of getting rid of the shells? King Crab Salad ($ sounds like the perfect dish you're looking for. The salmon roes add extra freshness to the salad and the seaweed salt enriches the taste in a light and healthy way. It's very refreshing.

Grilled Seafood Skewers includes a mixture of scallops, prawn, salmon and octopus, served with the incredibly yummy Moroccan chermoula sauce. The dish is really colourful and appetite-stimulating.

Time for the main course - Surf & Turf! The portion is great large. The grilled half Canadian lobster and 6oz beef tenderloin are served with crunchy frites. The lobster is meaty and flavoursome! I love how the unique seasoning blends which enhances the taste of the lobster. The tenderloin is cooked medium rare, keeping the maximum amount of tenderness and juiciness of the meat. This is such a dish which will stay in your memory and bring you back again!

The restaurant offers a large variety of delectable cuisines and super friendly service. The staff here is absolutely thoughtful and amazing. No matter it's for a casual dinner or a special occasion, it's always a good idea to pamper yourself and your family with finger-licking seafood dishes here!


Cull 'N Pistol 
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 3pm-12am
Sat, Sun & PH: 11am-1am


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