[NEW YORK] - Redeye Grill: Enchanting Food and Vibes

Redeye Grill is an upscale American restaurant located in the midtown district. The interior design is themed with polished nickel and leather, creating a romantic relaxing dimmed ambiance. 

Every night, there would be live music that enhances your whole dining experience. 

Along with the A la Carte menu, they offer a Prix-fixe menu at just under USD$50, which is a pretty good deal. Let's find out more about this menu, shall we?

Before we start, warm breads and pretzels are served to us. It is a decent sign of hospitality, and a delicious way to kick off the night.

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake ($5 supplement)

The crab cake is heavily seasoned with various kinds of spices, yet the natural flavour of the crab still stands out. Look how beautiful it is when I split it into half, the crab filling is fresh and sweet. The garnish is quite special as well, the orange and carrot-ginger puree is tasty and creamy.

The Soup of the day is vegan. It is such a dietary fibre boost as it contains a number of vegetables and barleys. I really like the smooth and slightly thickened texture, it tastes just so comforting and hearty. 

Filet Mignon 8oz $10 supplement

Beautiful medium-rare filet steak, perfected with a glass of red wine. If you are looking for tenderness and juiciness, this steak will not disappoint you. One of the leanest cuts of steak, it is such an unforgettable taste sensation when it melts in my mouth. What's more, the matchstick fries are great too, they are crispy and well-seasoned with herbs and salt. 

Sushi Burger USD$22

We do, however, order another signature dish here, which is the Sushi Burger. Claimed to be the first ever Sushi Burger in town, this is the kind of burger that I'd love to have every day! I really love the layers: Spicy yellowfin tuna, wakame seaweed salad, watermelon radish, ginger and avocado all packed inside the Tamanashiki rice bun. All the different flavours will make your tastebuds dance. Totally an innovative and mouthwatering dish that worths trying!

Ending the fantastic meal on a sweet note, we have the lime & cranberry sorbet. The sourness is mild yet refreshing, and it tastes exactly as if you were eating the fresh fruits.

All in all, the food and the service are flawless and wonderful. This is the kind of fine dining experience that you must have in New York City. I really love it here and will definitely come back again!

Redeye Grill

Address: 890 7th Ave, New York, NY 10106
Opening hours: 11am - 10:30pm
Website: redeyegrill.com


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