[WASHINGTON D.C.] - Acadiana: Culinary Delights!

Acadiana is in the same restaurant family as DC Coast and Ceiba. Here serves a range of 
Cajun-Creole comfort food in a classy woody dining room in Washington DC. Striving to preserve the true spirit of Louisiana, the dishes represent various cooking techniques from there with the rich and complex flavours. It was selected as one of the city’s “100 Very Best Restaurants” by Washingtonian Magazine.

They have a terrific wine list and we ordered the Scott's Featured Wine Cellar Selections: Sauvignon Blanc, Cakebread Cellars from Napa Valley, California (2014) and Cabernet Franc, Couly-Dutheil from Chunon, France (2015).

These warm little biscuits are served with Thai-style spicy sauce, which is a really special and unforgettable combination that you probably wouldn't find it elsewhere. The dish works well as an appertiser as it does stimulate the appetite very much.

Charbroiled Oysters USD $14

The charbroiled oysters are like heaven in my mouth! It comes with some lovely French bread for dipping the buttery sauce (which is the essence) in the pan - absolutely satisfying! 

With a little squeeze of lemon juice, the oysters taste even lighter and fresher. They are so addictive that we finished all of them in a minute and still crave for more!

"Gas Station" Boudin Balls USD $8

A traditional snack from Southeast Louisiana, these Boudin Balls are served with Creole Mustard and some delicious pickled peppers. It is an amazing combination and I particularly enjoy the crunchy texture. The filling is quite special as well.

16oz Cowboy Ribeye USD$45

This is a steak to die for! It is perfectly seared and well-seasoned. The taste is absolutely phenomenal, the meat is tender and full of flavour. The butter sauce is also a delight. 

Medium rare on point, the beef is juicy and tasty. The taste of charcoal adds flavour to the steak. What a beautiful dish.

Smoked Pork Chop USD$25

This is a very unique pork dish that you will remember. I'm so amazed by the strong smokey aroma and the soft texture of the meat. Side dishes include sweet potato dumplings, silver beets and country ham broth, all taste so good and go well with the main dish.

Seasonal Sorbet Sampler USD$7 

To feed our sweet tooth before we go, we picked the sorbet sampler! There are three different flavours: orange, sweet tea and pineapple. Sweet tea is my favourite as it is so enticing. The texture is very light and refreshing. 

The restaurant could be really busy during dinner time, yet it is a place where you can enjoy fine dining with great ambiance and attentive service. It is a lovely venue for special occasions.


Address: 901 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
Phone: +1 202-408-8848


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