[BOSTON] - Five Horse Tavern: A fun place for comfort food!

Five Horses Tavern locates at the historic South End of Boston. This corner tavern serves a range of modern American comfort food, living up to the spirit of a simple neighborhood pub.

The bar offers a wide range of craft beers from all over the world, boasting 40 draft beers, 60 bottles, signature cocktails and a thoughtfully selected wine list.  

Taking advantages of the locally sourced ingredients, Five Horse Tavern presents some of the most signature American comfort food of all time. Everything looks so tempting on the menu.

Lamb Burger

This fabulous lamb burger with tomato preserves and arugula is a must-try. The super juicy greek-style lamb patty and the dill cucumber-goat cheese ‘tzatziki' sauce work out magically, it's just pack of lamb flavour.

Zucchini Pie

The pizza is very beautiful and colourful. Exciting toppings include green squash, fresh mozzarella, red sauce, anchovy, capers and parmesan cheese, such combination is simply irresistible. I also like the thin crust which is very slightly crispy. YUM!! 

Buttermilk Chicken Tenders USD$14

When we talk about comfort food, how can we miss out fried chicken? It’s extremely crispy and juicy. The buttermilk scallion and spicy dragon sauce give two different feelings, I can't tell which sauce I like more because they are both so good! Definitely a must-order dish here. 

Brussel Sprouts USD$12

This special pot roast is comprised of crispy fried sprouts, pork belly, pickled apples, fish sauce vinaigrette and shiitake mushrooms. The flavour is very savory and delicious and the brussel sprouts are sweet and scrumptious.

We even got the chance to try the signature brunch cocktails. They are the perfect compliment to the food as they are so refreshing and fruity.

If you are in Boston, don't miss experiencing the magic of this lovely tavern with great service and ambiance. This is one restaurant worth traveling to, the atmosphere is romantic, comfy and historic. The bar is organised and well stocked as well. This is a wonderful place particularly for dinner!

Five Horses Tavern

Address: Five Horses Tavern 535 Columbus Ave. Boston, MA 02118
Telephone: +1-617-936-3930


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