[BOSTON] - Nebo Cucina & Enoteca: Gastronomical & sensational Italian cuisine

Since Italians are the second largest ancestry group in Boston, one shall not miss the great Italian food in town. Nebo Cucina & Enoteca is an Italian restaurant, pizzeria & bar located at the South End, features modern surroundings and outdoor seating with a lovely urban view.

To start off the delicious journey, I freshen up a little bit with this sparkling Champagne cocktail. This drink gives an amazing boost and vibe during our wait for the main courses.

And there we go for the flavourful Italian food journey. We ordered three dishes in total, including POLPETTINE, CIOPPINO and POLENTA CON SCAMPI. I am very impressed by the minimal yet stunning presentation of the dishes.

Polpettine USD$12

These homemade fried meatballs look delicate and delicious. Cooked with pecorino in Marinara sauce, the taste is well balanced and addictive. They are finely ground yet loosely melt in your month as they are incredibly tender.

Cioppino USD$36

Such a beautiful and ample dish with lobsters, shrimps, calamaris, a deep fried smelt and mussels in spicy tomato brodo. The bread is also a delight, it is freshly made every day in one of the most traditional Italian way. We are so thrilled to taste this autheutic Italian cuisine.

Polenta con Scampi USD$24

Believe or not - this is the BEST PASTA in my life! The ingredients are simple, including scallops, lemon butter, garlic, grilled polenta and baccala mantecato, but the result is mindblowing! I am so enchanted by the magical taste from the sauce and the mildly chewy texture of the pasta. The scallops are so fresh and sweet as well. I love this dish so much that I actually finish the plate without willing to share to my husband. lol

If I can only describe this restaurant in one word, it would be FLAWLESS. The dishes are perfect and beautiful. The staff shows the true meaning of hospitality and I enjoyed talking to them so much. This is a place where you cannot miss when you visit Boston. I would highly recommend you to try the handmade pasta here, it really is one of the best that you can ever have.

Nebo Cucina & Enoteca

Address: 520 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Opening Hours: 11:30AM–11PM
Phone: +1 617-723-6326


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