[NEW YORK] - American Cut: A taste of Excellency

American Cut Steakhouse is LDV Hospitality’s new American signature steakhouse. Situated in the mid-town area, the place is well appointed and menu was extraordinary find of great dishes and beverages.

    I appreciate the details of their interior design very much. Look at this knives display on the wall, it is such a symbolic piece that resembles with the most significant element of the restaurant - STEAK!

    Both the bar and the dining area are extravagant and chic. You can immediately enjoy the elevated ambiance. The menu is extensive and diverse and we are glad to try out the signature dishes with wine pairing. 

    To kick off the dinner, these freshly baked biscuits are wonderful. I really like the mix of the butter and savoury taste. The texture is very crispy as well, you will surely fall in love at first bite!

    Diamond Jim Brady Oyster USD$22

    Shrimp Cocktail Batch 22 USD$23

    For appetisers, we went for seafood all the way! Diamond Jim Brady Oyster is such an exceptional and sophisticated dish, definitely a must-order dish. The black truffle and crucolo works out so well and with a hint of champagne, the flavour is so rich and aromatic. One of the best oyster dishes in my life. The Shrimp Cocktail features horseradish, adding a little spiciness to the dish. The taste is refreshing and exciting, love it!

    To pair with the appetisers, we have a glass of Stellina Di Notte that has a floral aroma and a balancing acidity. 

    The New York City Cut (20oz) USD$61

    This 30-day dry aged steak is deliciously seasoned and cooked though maybe a bit stringy in places. The potato Puree is extremely creamy and delicious. It melts in your mouth (and your heart) immediately. Butter is the soul of the dish - it is so crucial as it enhances the whole flavour and texture. 

    Montauk Tuna USD$40

    This crusted tuna steak with fine herbs is very tender and fresh. The mixed herbs really work out the magic as it neutralises the oil from the tuna, making the taste more substantial and well-balanced. The side dish is piperade, a healthy yet flavourful with various kinds of veggie. 

    For the entree, we pair it with this lovely bottle of Château Valcombe Epicure Rouge 2012, which has a pepper flavour with a hint of plum and blackberries. It is such a great match with the roasted meats.

    Crackerjack Sundae USD$12

    When it comes to dessert, American Cut has got us a big pleasant surprise! This ice cream is the most dreamy dessert you could ever find! An excellent combination of caramel popcorns, peanut brittle and popcorn ice cream, this dessert leaves us a memory that lasts a life time. It isn't overly sweet, and the generous portion is truly satisfying. I've no guilt about having this because this is probably the  best dessert in town! 

    If you are looking for prompt and courteous service and the most divine dining experience with delectable steaks and dishes, American Cut should be on your check list.

    American Cut

    Address: 109 E 56th St, New York, NY 10022, USA
    Phone: +1 212-388-5277


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