[WASHINGTON D.C.] - Rappahannock Oyster Bar: Most creative seafood cuisines!

The Rappahannock company is originated from Virginia and devoted to deliver the most seasonal and finest seafood to cities across the country.

At Union Market in Washington D.C., Rappahannock Oyster Bar has brought about an array of creative seafood cuisines to the locals as well as travellers. It would be a shame to miss such food experience!

The open kitchen is not big but well-equipped and there's a mini raw bar as well. The menu is extensive, you can find plentiful seafood choices here.
First and foremost, we can't wait to order the signature platter here. 

Large Platter USD$32

The Large Platter includes a dozen of mixed seasonal raw oysters and four raw clams. You would be joyfully overwhelmed with the natural sweetness of the seafood. Rappahannock River Oysters is the sweetest of all with a buttery texture, while the Rochambeau Oysters has a mildly briny flavour with a clean, crisp finish. All the seafood are freshly delivered from Virginia.

To pair with the seafood platter, we ordered two glasses of Louis Max Pouilly Fuiss (USD$18/glass) The taste is very clean and has a great balance, so it matches the taste of raw seafood very well.

 Moving on to hot dishes, we ordered a range of popular dishes here. Each of them are too delicious that I need to tell you guys one by one ...

Crab Cake

This extremely huge crab cake is amazing! The remoulade sauce is all over the crab cake on some celery root slaw. 

This crab cake is filled with abundant crabmeat, every bite is full of pleasure and satisfaction. The taste is surprisingly refreshing and light as well, it's so delicious.

Charred Octopus USD$19

The octopus was placed on top of seaweed chimichurri, ancient grain salad, white soy, citrus greens. The flavour is quite rich and full of layers. It's the kind of dish that you would like to have with beer or wine. Truly legendary!

 Baked Clams USD$11

Who can not fall in love with this pretty dish? I really like the presentation and plating. It is almost like the freshest clams just came out from the sea and landed on the sand, which is sea salt here obviously. 

This Thai-style dish is very special and enjoyable. The clams are stuffed with flavourful ingredients such as thai sausage, coconut reduction and fried basil gremolata. It just makes you keep wanting more!

To sum up, Rappahannock Oyster Bar is definitely the place for you if you're as crazily in love with good and creative seafood dishes. You can enjoy a wonderful feast without spending a fortune.

 Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Address: 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm
Phone: +1 202-544-4702


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