[HONG KONG] - City Garden Hotel: A sweettooth at Christmas!

It's almost the end of the year and it's my favourite time because of Christmas! Time to treat yourself and your loved ones with a fantastic buffet. City Garden Hotel locates in North Point with a well connection of major transits, the Christmas buffet starts from HKD$518.

Apart from fresh salad bar, coldcut and seafood, the hot dishes are marvellous. The crab legs in particular are super fresh and sweet! 
However, the most siganture dish goes to the cheese turkey which is stuffed wth Gruyère cheese from Switzerland and chestnuts and duck liver. It is perfect and seasonal. The flavour is very rich and the turkey is moist and tender! Another must-have item is the Australian wagyu beef which is extremely mouthwatering. I just can't have enough!

Other side dishes such as Foie Gras skewer, pork knuckle and crab cakes are also very tasty. The buffet also presents a Special Christmas Drink Platter which contains a series of fruity shots. I really enjoy the chocolate one very much! The steamed seafood come as a bonus. The portion per dish is adequate and the quality is very good. Grab them quick or cry after!

Bon Appetit!

The diversity of delicate Christmas desserts will suprise you greatly! 

The setting of the dessert session is magical and appealing. The beautiful gingerbread house, Christmas pudding and cupcakes definitely create a warmhearted atmosphere. It's almost too beautiful to be eaten, every piece just look so attractive! What's more, you can have fun by creating your own Snowman ice-cream dessert. The chef will first showcast the procedures and then you can go ahead to design your own "snowman". How fun! Trust me - you will love it here for X'Mas and New Year! Don't miss out the Marshmallow Art Show at night from 22-26 and 29 Dec to 1 Jan and the Carol Singing Performance at 7:15pm on Silent Night. 

City Garden Hotel

9 City Garden Rd, North Point
Telephone: 2806 4922
E-mail: gardencafe@citygarden.com.hk


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