[NHA TRANG] - A warm Christmas for the first time

Vietnam is one of my most favourite countries to visit in Southeast Asia. Last year, I spent Christmas in Nha Trang! During this vacation, I stayed at three amazing resorts and did some spectacular sightseeing. I'm going to conclude the details and travel tips in this article, enjoy!


There are four must-see spots for cultural & history lovers like me. It's always a great and fast way to get to know more about the city by learning about its history. These spots locate around the city centre so the
traffic is not a big problem at all.

Long Son Pagoda

Long Son Pagoda is a Buddhist temple constructed in 1886. However, the temple was heavily damaged during the Vietnam War and later restored. The entrance and roofs are decorated with dragon mosaics 
which are built from glass and ceramic tiles in the style of Taoist architecture. It is now a monastery and a school for monks. After climbing approximately 150 steps you will reach the 24-metre tall statue of the Buddha that was constructed in 1964. It is also a nice place to look over the city of Nha Trang.

Po Nagar Cham Towers

This is a spectacular historical site to visit. I highly recommend to visit here in the early morning to avoid the crowd. The Po Nagar Cham Towers were built between the 7th and 12th centuries as a place to worship Yang Ino Po Nagar, the goddess of the Dua (Liu) clan, which ruled over the southern part of the Cham kingdom.These beautiful Vietnamese ruins are set on a hill with views overlooking the Cai River. It is one of Vietnam’s most popular monuments. However, do dress smart and behave due to its religious significance - always remove your shoes before entering the towers and wear respectful clothing.

Nha Tho Nui (Christ the King Cathedral)

Nha Tho Nui, also known as the Christ the King Cathedral, is a church founded in the 19th Century by French missionaries. It's a place to witness the colonial history of Nha Trang. The beautiful stained glass windows depict a number of Saints, including several French saints such as St. Joan of Arc and St. John Vianney. You can also get a view of the life of Jesus.

Nha Trang Water Puppet Theater

This unique Water Puppet Theater show wins my heart! It's such an unforgettable act that is full of surprises. These musical stories portray historical legends and folk tales of Vietnam. People of all ages will surely love it as it is not like something that can be commonly seen elsewhere. The skill and coordination of the puppet masters is truly admirable!

I really don't want to spoil the surprises. Go watch it when you happen to be in town, I promise you're gonna love it.


RuNam Bistro locates in the premises of the Intercontinental Hotel. The atmosphere was upon expectation! The interior design here is so beautiful and stylish, it's just like one of those dreamy houses that eveyone longs to live in. Besides, you can enjoy a lovely seaview if you dine at the window seats on the second floor.

Nice Pandan & Runam Refresher (90,000 VND/gls)

Two glasses of refreshing drinks to kick off our lunch. Nice Pandan tastes like a summer breeze to me, it contains apple juice, lime juice and pandan leaves which is really special, while Runam Refresher has a strong taste of lemongrass and a hint of lime.

Com Tam Thit Nuong - Bi - Cha (130,000 VND)

I enjoyed this dish very much. The pork skewers were served with shredded pork skin and a piece of egg cake. The portion is reasonable and the sauce is very delicious as well. 

Com Chay Canh Voi Thit Kho Nuoc Dua (180,000 VND)

This is a wondeful new dish. The pork belly was beautifully cooked with traditional vietnamese stewing method, so the meat is very tender and juicy. The coconut juice added on the pork belly was very tasty. It is served with crispy rice which is quite special. 

The service is very attentive and the food and beverage are great and affordable. The presentation of the dishes was pretty and photogenic. Basically, we have nothing to complain. It's one of the best restaurants that worth visiting when you are in town!


The Anam

The Anam is the first true 5-star colonial beach resort in Vietnam. There are two beautiful swimming pools in the resort, one rectangle pool and one lagoon pool. You can also spend time at the private beach or spacious lawn, or watch a 3D movie at the theatre. The bathroom is absolutely refreshing. I really like the idea of adding the plants in the backdrop, it surely makes you feel like enjoying a hot bath in a jungle. The room has a beautiful garden view, and with a bit of rain it feels even more romantic and natural. 

Fusion Resort

Fusion Resort
has one of the best location in Nha Trang and this is such an amazing resort. Fusion offers an unique all-spa inclusive service, which means guests can enjoy daily spa treatments at no extra cost! The Oceanfront Villa with Private Pool is definitely a once in a lifetime experience! There is nothing more spectular to be so close to the sea and have your own swimming pool. Bath time was AMAZING!

The sheltered open air dining restaurant with bay windows serves healthy Vietnamese specialties as well as contin
ental cuisines. The prices might be a little pricey but the dishes were very delicious. 

Vinpearl Nha Trang Bay Resort & Villa

Vinpearl Island is a must-visit spot in Nha Trang. It's a place where you can spend one to many days. To get here, you can simply go on a cable car or a speedboat. The resort has one of the greatest swimming pool I've ever seen - totally in love with it! Vinpearl Land is the best theme park in the country, Apart of the exciting rides, aquarium, dolphin show, zoo and botanical gardens, there is a waterpark where you can enjoy different kinds of slides. It's a place that is suitable for all ages. The semi-open design of the zoo with a surrounding moat creates a naturally harmonious habitat and enables the most authentic and lively view to the visitors.There are a number of spots that you can take amazing photos. I'm particularly fond of the Japanese garden. 


Vinpearl Island has a number of resorts, this time I've chosen to stay at the Vinpearl Nha Trang Bay Resort & Villa. The scenery from the balcony is dreamy as you can overlook the ocean and the Vinpearl land. Everything has been so perfect here. I'm honoured to attend the gala dinner and won a prize of a complimentary massage. The spa centre here is amazing. The environment of the spa centre is serene and relaxing, it's a worthwhile experience!

Useful information

Visa Application 

I applied for the Vietnam Visa on www.visacenter.vn . The procedures are easy! Simply apply and fill in your personal details then you will receive a confirmation letter shortly. Then, print it out, fill in the form and prepare the visa photos. Take everything with you and pass the documents to the visa centre. This is a faster and cheaper way in comparison to the visa application at the Consulate General of the S.R. of Vietnam.

Hope you enjoyed reading this sharing and the time in Nha Trang some day!


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