[MACAU] - Galaxy Macau: Calling for Durian Lovers!

The 7th Malaysian Food Festival has been launched at Galaxy Macau! This year, Galaxy Macau invites guests to enjoy 10 world-famous durians directly imported from Malaysia! 

Opened fresh and served immediately, durian flavors will range in intensity from mild to strong. Ranging from the renowned D24 ‘SULTAN’, the prize-winning D163 ‘HOR LOR’, to the D197 ‘MUSANG KING’,  durian lovers can totally indulge in the strong durian aroma, golden yellow flesh and creamy texture. 

Along side with the fresh durians, there are an array of innovative and delicious durian-themed dishes. Baked Lobster with Durian and Cheese totally won my heart! The melting cheese and durian is a perfect combination, it creates a rich layer and the lobster is so fresh! Other must-try dishes include Double Boiled Coconut Chicken Soup with Durian and Abalone and D24 Durian Pizza. This year, 15 top guest chefs from Malaysia will participate in the Malaysian Food Festival, each preparing a different regional Malaysian dish to serve at traditional hawker stalls. The signature Malaysian dishes, honed by decades of experience, include piping hot Fried Oyster Omelettes from Chef Toon Chin Wieu, served with fresh coriander and the chef’s secret chili sauce recipe; three types of soft, steamy roti (bread) from Chef Seeni Mohamed bin Sheik Abidin, accompanied by South Indian-style curries; and Kajang Satay from Chef Mohammad Riyazuddin bin Pakeer Mohamed, a popular Malaysian skewered meat that’s seasoned and grilled to perfection. Besides, don't ever miss out the delicate desserts including Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Egg Tart and so on. All the dishes are beautifully made and served to guests from August 16 to 31, at Oasis in Galaxy Macau, priced at MOP588 per person.

This is one of the greatest annual event held by Macau Tourism Board and Malaysia Tourism Board, I feel especially honoured to be here. Thank you Galaxy Macau for having me. Stay tuned for more about Galaxy Macau, the next article would be featuring their newly opened French Restaurant - Cafe de Paris!


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