[TAIWAN] - Places where Nature went crazy with landscapes!

I've been to Taiwan for so many times, but most of the time I didn't get to explore the suburb area. I am excited to share with you about the places I finally got chance to visit this time, which have given me a brand new travelling experience in Taiwan! These amazing places are away from the hustle and bustle and truly let you experience complete "oneness" with nature. 

1. Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark is one of the most popular tourist spots in northern Taiwan. Among the magnificent geologically formed rocks, the most iconic one is known as the "Queen's Head" due to its unique shape. You can queue up for around 30 mins for a shot with it, or simply walk pass it and take a photo from the other side if you don't have enough visiting time (like me). The photo can be great enough as well. Other interesting formations range from the Sea Candles , Fairy Shoe, Ginger Rocks, Elephant Rock, Ice Cream Rock, Kissing Rock to Princess' Head. But after all, this is all based on your imagination and you can probably find out more interesting versions! This spot can be pretty crowded and remember to protect yourself thoroughly from sun exposure. It's a fun place to visit and an educational experience at the geopark. Worthwhile! 

This is definitely one of the most beautiful coastline to be seen. Locating in Northeastern Taiwan, the geological landscapes are unique and magical. Come experience the comforting breeze and the amazing view, it will bring peace to your mind.

2. Thousand Island Lake & Pinglin Tea Plantation

3. Thousand Island Lake is in fact a water reservoir constructed in the 1970's for the problem of water shortages in the north caused by severe droughts and damage caused by typhoons. In recent years, the lake is facing serious shortage of water and some people even complain that the view here is no longer magnificent and not worth a visit. I can hardly agree with this, because for me travelling should not be solely about sightseeing, but how you can learn from such experience. By visiting and knowing about the problem of the lake, it's a chance for us to raise our awareness to the nature. The view here is still unforgettable for me and it touches my heart. Pinglin Tea Plantation is near the Thousand Island Lake, and it's interesting to see how some of the world’s most famous tea is grown here. The Northeast Coast

The Northeast Coast in Taiwan resembles the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. The view is absolutely breathtaking! At Nanya Coast and  Bitou Cape Park, you got to see the unique rock formations. Knowing such natural ecological treasure will not last forever due to weathering and erosion, I really cherish the chance to appreciate the masterpiece by Mother Nature. 

4. Sandiao Cape Lighthouse

Sandiao Cape Lighthouse, also known as the Eye of Taiwan, is a great spot to overlook the East China Sea. The 16.5-meter-tall pristine white lighthouse is the one and only lighthouse in northern Taiwan that is open to the public. Visitors can get to have a closer look at the equipments and into its history in the exhibition room. Besides, it is a romantic place for couples to come along and take amazing pictures!

I hope this blog can bring you a new insight on travelling to Taiwan! I'd be glad if you find my recommendations appealing! Love, T xx


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