[ROME] - The Mirabelle: A precious sensory experience in one of the most enchanting gourmet terraces in Rome

Sometimes, what happens in Rome not only stays in Rome!, as for the great restaurants that I’ve been to have turned into memories that are unforgettable enough to last for a life time. Well, since this trip to Italy is to celebrate my anniversary with husband, I have to make sure everything to be flawless and dreamy. I’m glad to have chosen this restaurant to celebrate, as it can’t get any better!

The Michelin Star restaurant The Mirabelle locates on the 7th floor of the Hotel Splendide Royal, but it’s probably best-known for its spectacular panoramic view of Rome and Vatican City. The open-air dining environment allows guest to sit back and relax while enjoying the brisk breeze. The interior design is extravagant and beautiful, but it would be a waste not to take the chance to enjoy the meal with the magnificent scenery. 

Selection of Oysters 1/2 Dozen  56

David Herve: La Ronce La Special Tarbouriech E Ostra Regal

Terrine of Fresh Goose Liver with Fig's Jam and Vanilla Pan Brioche  48

Onion Fondant Soup with Two Cheese "Au Gratin"  38

Andalusian Gazpacho with Octupas, Shiso Mayonnaise and Cucumber Sherbbet  40

 Beef Fillet "Heritage", Field Salad Shallot, Carrots, Ginger and Pink Pepper  56

"Barbary" Duck in Orange Sauce with Caramelized Green Apple  56

The menu here is very detailed and extensive, there are quite a number of options to choose from every category. Before we start the show, the waiter brings along the welcome snacks prepared by the chef, some chips with paprika flavour and small biscuits, followed by two glasses of nice white wine. Then there's another
 signature welcome dish, there are 3 kinds of canapés: Salmon rolls, Mozarelle Cheese and Tomato jelly cubes with Dried Olive. I really enjoyed them as the tomato one as it is very unique and delicious. 

For appetisers, we opted for the oysters and Pâté de Foie Gras. The oysters selection is by the famous David Herve. The carefully selected oysters are fresh and pure in taste. It is crispy and simply tastes like the sea! The goose liver is so rich and buttery, it is definitely an enjoyment when it melts in your month. The fruit jam magically neutralises the oil of the goose liver - everything about this dish got me lost for words!

Coming up to the soups, the onion soup is the best that I've ever had! The rich cheese makes the soup so  aromatic and the onion is sweet and soft. Another soup we've ordered is a Spanish-style seafood gazpacho. The shiso mayonnaise really stands out in its way and the cucumber sherbet is a highlight of the soup. For the main courses, we went for two meat dishes of beef and duck. By looking at the stunning presentation you simply have absolutely no doubts about the taste. The beef fillet is super juicy! Perfect medium rare and heavily roasted crust, it is extremely mouth-watering. But if you'd like to try something more special and unforgettable, I highly recommend you to try the duck dish. The sweet and sour orange sauce is very captivating, it just matches the duck meat so perfectly! I really enjoyed the side dish, which is the caramelized green apple, again that sweet and sour flavour that the chef wants to create. ABSOLUTELY loved it!

If you are celebrating something special with your loved ones and you happen to be in Rome, please please please come and experience Mirabelle! It's a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience. Thank you The Mirabelle for such an awesome and enchanting memory!

The Mirabelle

Address: Via di Porta Pinciana, 14, 00187 Roma
Phone: +39 06 4216 8838
Website: http://www.mirabelle.it/en/index.html


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