[HONG KONG] - Singapore Airlines: Let's Book the Cook!

As passengers' preferences change over time, so do the menus of airline in-flight meals. Whether travelling in Singapore Airlines' Suites, First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy Class, customers can now expect a culinary feast, for both the eyes and the palate. Singapore Airlines’ World Gourmet Cuisine boasts a selection of exclusive and tantalising signature dishes, specially designed to delight even the most discerning taste buds.

One can easily enhance their flying experience with Singapore Airlines by trying out their Book the Cook service, the exclusive advance inflight meal ordering service which allows passengers to expand its selection of global cuisine for flights out of 27 major destinations including Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Sydney and so on. 'Book the Cook' is offered in Suites, First Class and Business Class, and for all meal services except for Continental Breakfast and Refreshment, while 'Premium Economy Book the Cook' service is offered in Premium Economy Class. Customers can choose from a wide range of cuisines up to 24 hours before flight. Singapore Airlines also offers a series of  items to enhance your experience. 

Now let's have a sneak peak of the upcoming in-flight meals. It would be wonderful to be taste these delectable cuisines up in the air.

Marinated seafood, palm heart, fennel salad, lemon thyme vinaigrette

Pan-fried seabass with sundried tomato pesto, mixed vegetables & jumbo couscous

Stir-fried chicken and abalone with Chinese greens and steamed rice

Braised bamboo pith, bailing mushroom & mushrooms in vegetarian oyster sauce
served with e-fu noodle, choy sum & carrot

Chilled Gorgon Fruit & Snow Lotus Seeds soup

Airlines are investing more in catering to premium customers, and I'm sure those who fly with Singapore Airlines would appreciate the effort. My favorite? Clearly the winners is the seabass. Not only it is so colourful and mouth-watering, the portion is very satisfying. I can't say I'm a fish lover, but this piece of seabass was tender and moist. Believe it or not, in-flight food can sometimes go gourmet.

Thank you Singapore Airlines for the chance to experience!


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